17 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollar Worth Money

The United States Mint initiated the creation of the Kennedy half-dollar coins back in 1964 as a tribute to the revered President Kennedy, who tragically lost his life to an assassination a few months prior. The face of the coin showcases a dignified portrayal of Kennedy, a masterpiece designed by Gilroy Roberts. The flip side of the coin, on the other hand, features an emblematic eagle.

In the current times, one can find an intriguing collection of these coins. The initial batches, which are made up of 90% silver, as well as later versions that are clad, are available in the marketplace. For coins that are still in mint condition, their value can range from $25 to $140. However, when it comes to the rarest of Kennedy half-dollars, coin enthusiasts are more than willing to part with a larger sum. Now, let’s delve deeper into the fascinating world of these historical treasures.

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Top-Rated U.S. Half-Dollar Coin Commemorating Kennedy

Widely recognized in the realm of coin collection, the half-dollar coin dedicated to Kennedy is a remarkable piece of American history. The creative minds behind this significant coin are F. Gasparro and G. Roberts. In the year of 1964, the United States Mint initiated the minting of this coin. This event occurred not long after the tragic demise of the revered American leader, President Kennedy.

At present, half dollars, specifically those featuring Kennedy, have emerged as sought-after collector’s items. Although they are seldom spotted in everyday transactions, these coins are prized for their silver content. It’s interesting to note that the material composition of these coins was altered post-1971 by the U.S. Mint, and they ramped up the production. Yet, this did not significantly influence their utilization, which remains somewhat low.

Below is an intriguing list highlighting the highest valued Kennedy half dollars, as per the PCGS:

Remarkable Kennedy Half Dollars

Quantity Discovered Minting Year and Grade Highest Bid in Auction
Type 1 (Composed of Silver) Kennedy Half Dollars
2086 1964 D MS 68 $22,325
4084 1964 MS 68 $12,500
Type 2 (Silver Layered) Kennedy Half Dollars
766 1969 D MS 67 $15,600
986 1966 MS 67+ $15,105
1505 1965 MS 67 $9,000
1674 1970 D MS 67+ $6,300
Type 3 (Copper/Nickel Layered) Kennedy Half Dollars
535 1971 D MS 61 $13,000
63 2020 D MS 69 $9,995
116 1977 D MS 64 $9,200
143 1974 MS 67+ $8,000
Type 4 (Layered, Bicentennial Edition) Kennedy Half Dollars
322 1976 D MS Genuine $10,000
Type 1 (Silver, Proof Version) Kennedy Half Dollars
3561 1964 PR 68 DCAM accented hair $19,975
7559 1964 PR 68 CAM $9,400
Type 2 (Silver Layered, Proof Version) Kennedy Half Dollars
2561 1968 S PR 70 DCAM $21,600
Type 3 (Copper/Nickel Layered, Proof Version) Kennedy Half Dollars
1995 1971 S PR 69 DCAM $12,000
Type 1 (Silver, Special Mint Version) Kennedy Half Dollars
16 1964 SMS SP 68 $156,000
Type 2 (Silver Layered, Special Mint Version) Kennedy Half Dollars
1585 1967 SMS SP 69 $31,200

This list showcases the dramatic range of value these coins hold in the world of collectors. From the sheer silver composition of the early models to the intricate design of the bicentennial edition, each type holds a unique place in the coin-collecting arena.

Coins characterized by a grooved perimeter boast a measurement of 1.20472 inches or 30.6 millimeters in width, with a thickness of 0.08465 inches or 2.15 millimeters. Intriguingly, the United States Mint varied the weight of these coins based on their respective categories.

The pioneer version of these coins, struck in 1964, tipped the scales at 0.40188 troy ounces, equivalent to 12.50 grams. In the period between 1965 to 1970, the weight was slightly increased to 0.40565 ounces or 11.50 grams. Subsequently, in 1971, the Kennedy half-dollar, as it is fondly known, experienced a weight drop to 0.4 ounces or 11.34 grams, a standard that has been upheld to the present day.

1. The 1964 SMS SP 68 Kennedy Half-Dollar

This coin signifies a remarkable piece of numismatic history. The production run in Philadelphia for the Kennedy dollars in their debut year of 1964, totaled up to 3,950,762 coins. Their typical market value fluctuates between a modest $9.04 to $19.

However, one specific coin, categorized as a ‘Strike Specimen’, and part of the exclusive Mint Set, breaks this mold, boasting a remarkable worth of $156,000. This was the staggering amount a passionate collector was willing to part with at a 2019 auction to secure this impressive specimen.

The mystery behind these coins is truly fascinating. Their elegant satin-like reflective surfaces and unusually crisp strike, a product of the utilization of an early reverse die version, has led experts to theorize their creation as a trial for future finishing methods, or potentially, as an intended present.

Today, the existence of just five such special editions from the 1964 batch makes them the scarcest non-mistake Kennedy half-dollars in the collection. Among these, only one has attained the ‘Specimen-69’ status!

2. The Remarkable Tale of the 1967 SMS SP 69 DCAM Kennedy Half-Dollar

The Kennedy half-dollar coin collection is one rich in history, with each piece bearing its own unique tale. One such tale revolves around the extraordinary coin from 1967, birthed in the Philadelphia mint, which saw a production of 1.8 million Kennedy half-dollars in that year alone. What set this coin apart was its distinctive classification as a Strike Specimen, which fell under the notable Special Mint Set.

Presently, only five such specimens from the set are known to exist. Out of these, just one has been bestowed the honor of the ‘Specimen-69’ status. Made from a blend of silver and copper, this prized artifact was sold at an astounding price of $31,200 at the prestigious Heritage Auctions in 2019. Contrastingly, regular coins from the same series often fetch a modest price between $4.37 and $25.

The exorbitant price this coin commanded can be attributed to its superior grading and distinct look. Additionally, the enigmatic nature of its existence may also add an invisible premium to its worth.

3. The Spectacular 1964 D MS 68 Kennedy Half-Dollar Story

Our next tale of intrigue hails from the year 1964, where amongst the deluge of 156,205,446 half-dollar pieces minted, one stood out for its peculiar attributes. This coin was part of a limited series, minted in that year alone, and had the privilege of having a composition that was 90% silver.

While ordinary Kennedy half-dollars from this era usually range in value between $9.04 and $17, this particular coin shattered expectations. What made it so coveted was its exceptional grading, the highest among its series, and the remarkable tonal variations it displayed. Its surface, graced with hues of gold, a vibrant rose, a sunny lemon-yellow, and deep emerald-green, lent it a level of beauty that won many hearts.

This half-dollar coin reached its pinnacle of glory in 2016, when it set an auction record. An admirer of its beauty and rarity parted with a staggering $22,325 to make it his own.

4. Kennedy Half-Dollar from 1968 – San Francisco Mint – Perfect Grade

This 1968 Kennedy half-dollar, with a perfectly rated finish, is a sterling example of numismatic artistry. Only one among the massive 3,041,506 half-dollar coins minted in San Francisco in the same year, it boasts a coveted PR 70 grade. Regular specimens from this batch, though possessing their own charm, have a humble valuation of $9.60.

Nevertheless, the allure of this unique piece has created ripples in the auction scene. It was auctioned off for a staggering $21,600 at Heritage Auctions in 2017, while another coin of identical attributes fetched $12,000 in 2018, emphasizing the capricious nature of auction bids.

5. The 1964 Kennedy Half-Dollar – Accented Hair Version – Philadelphia Mint

The 1964 Kennedy half-dollar coins from the Philadelphia mint, in general, have an average price of $46. But there’s a specific subset of these coins that collectors scramble to acquire – those featuring a distinct ‘accented hair’ trait. They hold the title for being the most desirable variation in the entire collection.

The origin of these coins is tied to an aesthetic decision made by Jacqueline Kennedy. She felt that the hair detail on the coins was too stark, which led to a softening of the design, making these accented hair coins a one-off production.

A coin with this unique feature, in near-mint condition, paired with a deep cameo effect, changed hands for an impressive $19,975 at Heritage Auctions in 2017. This fascinating story only adds to its appeal among enthusiasts.

6. The Alluring Story of the 1969 D MS 67 Kennedy Half-Dollar

Imagine a multitude of 129,881,800 Kennedy half-dollar coins struck in Denver in 1969. While the typical value of these coins ranges between $4.36 and $28, there’s a unique story behind one that was auctioned for a staggering $15,600 at Heritage Auctions in 2019. What made it so special? Primarily, it was the coin’s silver composition and superior quality. The rarity of this coin is proven by the fact that only around 50 examples of this grade are thought to still exist today, this particular coin being one of them.

7. The Tale of the 1966 MS 67+ Kennedy Half-Dollar

In 1966, the Philadelphia mint created an impressive 108,984,932 Kennedy half-dollars. These coins were an alloy of 40% silver and 60% copper. Typically, they fetch a modest sum, from $4.36 to $28. However, a distinctive example can attract a higher price. Illustrating this, a collector was so captivated by a particular coin’s allure, they spent $15,105 to secure it on eBay in 2020.

8. The Account of the 1971 D MS 61 Kennedy Half-Dollar

The narrative moves to 1971, a significant year in U.S. minting history. This was the first time that the Kennedy half-dollars were produced using a clad composition. Most of these 302,097,424 coins, struck in Denver, were composed of copper and nickel in a proportion of 75% to 25%, with a pure copper core. Typically, these are worth around $2.28. But an interesting occurrence gave some of these coins a unique twist and unexpected value.

During the transition to the new coin material, some 1971 half-dollars were mistakenly minted on the wrong blanks. Occasionally, mints would use remaining silver blanks from 1970, leading to the creation of a few unusual and highly sought-after pieces. One of these rarities, an accidental blend of historical errors and sheer luck, fetched an incredible $13,000 on eBay in 2018.

9. The Silver Kennedy Half-Dollar, Circa 1964

Collectors hold a special place for the Kennedy half-dollars minted in 1964 as they were the only batch crafted with 90% silver content during the lengthy span of coin production. The U.S Mint, in the succeeding year, shifted to a more economical alternative, significantly lowering the silver proportion.

The Philadelphia mint was notably industrious that year, producing a staggering 273,304,004 half-dollar pieces. The coin’s worth, however, varies greatly according to its condition. Typical examples fetch between $9.04 and $17. Still, one high-quality specimen managed to defy these numbers, fetching a handsome $12,500 on eBay back in 2019.

10. The Kennedy Half-Dollar with Pure Copper Core, Introduced in 1971

In 1971, the U.S. Mint began a new chapter in the production of Kennedy half-dollars. They introduced a model with a copper heart enveloped in a copper-nickel blend. The San Francisco mint made an impressive 3,220,733 of these coins, each currently valued at around $5.70.

One notable instance is a distinctive Deep Cameo coin. Coins of this grade are hard to come by, making this specific specimen, adorned with light golden hues, a precious find. Its rarity was underscored in 2019 at the Heritage Auctions, where a passionate collector was willing to part with $12,000 to add it to their collection.

11. Bicentennial Kennedy Half-Dollar from 1976

The creators of the Kennedy half-dollar, Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro, would be thrilled to see one particularly immaculate piece from 1976. The Denver mint was responsible for making an astounding 287,565,248 coins that year, with lesser grades trading hands at around $2.28.

However, one unblemished bicentennial half-dollar stood out among the rest. The coin’s sharp details, mirror-like fields, and pleasing hues earned it the admiration of collectors. Its exceptional state was rewarded on eBay in 2021, when it sold for a whopping $10,000, highlighting the value of pristine preservation and high quality.

12. The Tale of the 2020 D MS 69 Kennedy Half-Dollar

In the year 2020, the American Mint pressed just over six million Kennedy half-dollar coins, primarily for numismatic enthusiasts. Made from a blend of copper and nickel, these half-dollars typically fetch $2.28 apiece. However, their value can skyrocket under the right conditions.

One such instance occurred in 2021, where an impeccable specimen fetched an astounding $9,995 on eBay. The buyer, a dedicated collector, was willing to pay a premium for its near-perfect state and enduring allure.

13. The Saga of the 1964 PR 70 Kennedy Half-Dollar

The initial design of the Kennedy half-dollar underwent a revision when Jacqueline Kennedy felt that her late husband’s hair details on the coin were too pronounced and needed to be muted. As a result, two proof versions were created that year.

A total of nearly four million half-dollars were minted in Philadelphia with a silver composition. Although the mean value of these coins stands at $19, one flawless, untoned piece was auctioned for an incredible $9,400 in 2013.

Interestingly, a Kennedy half-dollar bearing the distinctive “accented hair” design drew a heftier price of $19,975, despite its lower grade. This variant’s scarcity and unique design features made it a prized acquisition for a discerning collector.

14. The Legend of the 1977 D MS 64 Kennedy Half-Dollar

In 1977, the Denver Mint churned out over 31 million Kennedy half-dollars made from copper and nickel. Ordinarily, these coins are quite affordable, costing about $2.28 each.

An intriguing twist occurred when one of these coins was inadvertently struck on a 40% silver planchet, intended exclusively for the 1976 S Kennedy half-dollar series. This unusual error rendered the coin rare and highly coveted.

Coins showcasing this anomaly are much sought after and command higher prices. A shining example is a coin auctioned off in 2005, which set a new record when it was purchased by a collector for a whopping $9,200.

15. 1965 Kennedy Half-Dollar Graded MS 67

In the year 1965, a number of 65,879,366 half-dollars bearing the image of Kennedy were created at the Philadelphia mint, utilizing a blend of silver and copper. Contrasting with the typical pieces valued at $4.37 in today’s currency trade, this extraordinary jewel-grade coin demands a sum of $9,000.

This record-breaking price at auction was set in 2021 at the Stack’s Bowers auction house. The justification for such a grand price can be found in the coin’s immaculate exterior, dazzling with a brilliant shine from the mint.

The coin not only offers a crisp, highly detailed design but also an alluring blend of golden-tan and lavender hues. Hence, it’s no wonder that it is the most costly among the 24 coins discovered of the same MS 67 grade.

16. 1974 Kennedy Half-Dollar Graded MS 67+

The Kennedy half-dollars minted in 1974 don’t usually stand out from their counterparts. The Philadelphia mint created 201,596,000 coins during this year, utilizing a blend of copper and nickel in a 75:25 ratio.

However, one specific coin of this year, due to its flawless surface and near-pristine condition, was purchased for a hefty $8,000 on eBay in 2021, demonstrating that coins can indeed be an exceptional investment.

17. 1970 D Kennedy Half-Dollar Graded MS 67+

In 1970, the Denver Mint struck the last batch of Kennedy half-dollars that incorporated silver as a part of their composition. A total of 2,150,000 coins were minted that year, with the majority valued between $4.40 and $43 today.

This specific coin, sold for a substantial sum of $6,300 in 2020, holds the auction record at Heritage Auctions to this date. The low production numbers, its outstanding state of preservation, and its extraordinary aesthetics all contributed to its lofty price.

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The half-dollar featuring Kennedy is a cherished artifact in the United States, making its way into the hearts of many as a preferred item for collections rather than a standard means of monetary transactions. Inception of this coin traces back to the year 1964 when its primary constitution was silver.

From 1965 onwards, the composition of this half-dollar shifted to a blend of silver (40%) and copper (60%), only to eliminate silver entirely by 1970. Post this alteration, the Kennedy half-dollar has been composed of a copper-nickel alloy on its exterior, enveloping a core of unadulterated copper.