17 Most Valuable Kennedy Half Dollar Worth Money


The United States Mint initiated the creation of the Kennedy half-dollar coins back in 1964 as a tribute to the revered President Kennedy, who tragically lost his life to an assassination a few months prior. The face of the coin showcases a dignified portrayal of Kennedy, a masterpiece designed by Gilroy Roberts. The flip side …

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18 Most Valuable Franklin Half Dollars Worth Money


Between the years 1948 and 1963, a unique half-dollar coin was minted in the United States. These coins, dedicated to Benjamin Franklin, were succeeded by the Kennedy half dollars, a tribute to the slain President. Interestingly, collectors have noted two distinctive variations in the coin, primarily based on the design details of the Liberty Bell, …

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1917 Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)


For many numismatic enthusiasts, the United States Walking Liberty half-dollar stands as a paragon of American minting artistry. This iconic coin was struck between 1916 and 1947, with the unique attribute of being the final U.S. coin to feature a fictional character in its obverse design. Subsequent designs of American coinage transitioned to portray genuine …

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1925 Stone Mountain Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors)


Beginning in 1916 and culminating in 1972, the construction of the Stone Mountain Memorial is a remarkable chapter in our nation’s history. Its contemporary controversy contrasts sharply with the period in which it was embraced by none other than President Calvin Coolidge. A testament to this is the 1924 legislation enacted by Coolidge, green-lighting the …

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1941 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Mark)


If you are in possession of a half dollar coin from the year 1941, you might be curious about its monetary worth. In the following sections, we shall unlock the mysteries surrounding its value, historical significance, and design. In addition, we will examine those aspects that elevate a coin from ordinary to a collector’s treasure. …

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1942 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” and No Mint Mark)


Crafted from 1916 until 1947, the captivating Walking Liberty half-dollars are now a sought-after commodity among numismatics enthusiasts. Although these coins aren’t rare, securing a mint state specimen could prove to be quite a challenge. Typically, the 1942 versions of these half dollars have an estimated worth that ranges from $15 to $95, influenced by …

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1944 Half Dollar Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)


If you’re intrigued by numismatics—the study of coins—you’ll find the 1944 half dollar captivating. It’s more than a simple piece of currency; it’s a historical artifact that could be significantly more valuable than its original fifty-cent denomination. This article dives deep into the story and characteristics of the 1944 half dollar. Additionally, we’re going to …

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1945 Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)


Crafted back in 1945, this simple fifty-cent piece might just hold more value than you’d expect. Coin collectors around the world recognize the appeal and historical significance of this half-dollar, making it a sought-after addition to any coin collection. Within this article, we will embark on a journey of discovery, delving into the intricacies of …

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