1989 Half Dollar Value (Rare Errors, “P” and “D” Mint Marks)


Discovering an old coin always sparks interest and curiosity, especially when it’s a piece with significant history attached to it. The 1989 Kennedy half dollar certainly falls under this category. Emblazoned with the likeness of John F. Kennedy, a beloved figure from modern American history, this coin is more than just a means of trade. …

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26 Most Valuable Half Dollar Coins In Circulation


Today’s commonplace coins originate from the United States Mint, tailored for our everyday trade. It’s fascinating to note that the currently circulating half-dollar coins are the elegantly crafted Kennedy half-dollars. However, these coins are not usually demanded by the Federal Reserve for day-to-day circulation. The mints at Philadelphia and Denver diligently produced 5.7 million and …

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