1994 Penny Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)


In the world of coin collecting, certain currencies carry a unique history and design that set them apart. One such piece is the 1994 Lincoln cent, a modernized version of older pennies depicting the same illustrious President. But suppose you stumble upon this particular penny while sifting through your loose change. Is it worth setting …

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1995 Penny Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & “Doubled Die” Mint Mark)


Even though it feels like 1995 was just yesterday, believe it or not, over a quarter-century has passed since then! The 1995 cent piece is a testament to this passage of time, with its value being significantly influenced by the length of time it’s been around, especially at important anniversary milestones such as the 25th, …

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1996 Penny Value (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” & No Mint Marks)


For many aficionados of numismatics, the Lincoln pennies hold a cherished spot, even though they bear the smallest denomination in the coinage of the US Mint. The uniqueness of these coins stems from their notable status as the inaugural coins to incorporate a US President’s likeness. This factor, along with the evolution of their design …

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1999 Penny Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D”, “S” and No Mint Mark)


Born to honor the 150th birthday of the influential President Abraham Lincoln, the Lincoln Memorial pennies came into existence in 1959, replacing the Wheat pennies. The main change was the addition of Lincoln’s Memorial from Washington, DC, instead of the wheat stalks. One would think that a 1999 penny isn’t worth much due to it …

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2009 Penny Value Guides (Rare Errors, “D” and “S” Mint Mark)


Surely, the year 2009 holds a special place in penny history. Abraham Lincoln’s birth bicentenary wasn’t commemorated by a mere one, but four distinctive coin types, each narrating a unique chapter of his life. Curious about their current value and what piques collector interest? Stay tuned as we delve into these nuances. Read More: 2009 …

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